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Sex life according to the horoscope. What are the Bulls, Aquarius or Gemini like?

The stars are clear not only about your nature or which weaknesses will complicate your life, but they also know a lot of intimate details about you. This was confirmed by a survey of more than three thousand people of various signs. Did you know that Virgo has the most partners in bed and Aquarius has the best sex?

An interesting survey conducted by Lovehoney and published on Escort Cologne also revealed that every fifth respondent, in the event of a new acquaintance, is interested in the sign in which his counterpart was born, because he wants to know how they will fit together.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Aquarius can fully enjoy sex and are unpredictable and very exciting lovers. They are among the signs who live a rich sex life, but at the same time they can be faithful partners of their counterparts.

They can spin it in the bedroom and they like dominance. Of all the signs of the zodiac, they are also the most frequent customers of the sex shop who buy a whip. See more at Escort Dresden.

Fish (February 19 - March 20)

Fish are among the finest and most sensitive lovers who do not just enjoy their own pleasure. Among the signs of the zodiac are among those who indulge in sex in abundance and are not satisfied with even a small number of sexual partners.

Erotic toys do not attract them so much, but there is plenty of space for lace and sexy lingerie in their intimate life.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

The ram’s sex life includes cuddling and foreplay, but no pretense. They do not tolerate too much erotic games, they leave them to other signs. According to the survey, Aries are among the people with the most satisfying sex life.

Bull (April 20 - May 20)

Bulls are passionate lovers who do not intend to deny themselves and devote enough time to pleasant moments in the bedroom. Speedboats are nothing for them, but when it comes to erotic toys, they buy them perhaps the most of all signs. See more at Escort Duisburg.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

For Gemini, sex is mostly fun and laughter often comes from their bedroom. They enjoy erotic games and like to experiment. They do not necessarily need love for sex and are not afraid to try new things. According to the survey, they tried bondage most often of all the signs.

Lion (July 23 - August 22)

Lions love when they are the center of attention, and this is true of love and sex. They like flattery and overtaking, but they are not afraid to send a lover to the arrow, who cannot satisfy them.

The four biggest mistakes women make when it comes to sex

You may think that the key destroyers of a perfect love life are a lack of privacy and work stress. But in reality, we can blame ourselves for a lot of sexual caroms. We repeatedly commit trivial and completely unnecessary overstepping.

Acting performance

If you set the rules so that your partner has to come out of the bedroom as the erotoman of the year and the best lover of the millennium, to which you will make a powerful contribution with an amateur orgasmic etude, you will probably condemn yourself to more and more theatrical reruns.

Although a study published in the Journal of Sexual Archives, quoted by the Escort Bielefeld, concluded that pretending to orgasm may be the beginning of a path to real orgasm, according to the theory of so-called rising excitement, experts tend not to recommend “playing theater”.

For example, sex and relationship expert Escort Karlsruhe sees this weakness in repeatedly pretending to orgasm: “Your partner will continue with the same ineffective techniques because he thinks they work, but you will remain dissatisfied and frustrated after each sexual act,” she explains.

She herself advises her partner to tell her sensitively that this is not the right thing to do, but if you are worried that you will hurt him with emotions by such an announcement, you can gently guide him without words.

Just don’t put it off and leave it for another time, because according to Escort Bonn, it’s not a problem to record something here and there, but pretending to orgasm at the beginning of a relationship or in the long run is a real killer not only of passion but also of relationship.

A cruel game of truth

But don’t explain it so that you should keep a beaver of sincerity and raw truthfulness in bed from now on. Even justified criticism or statements can strike more devastatingly than a firearm at a sensitive moment.

Has your partner gained a bit around his waist in recent years? Not happy with his relationship to order? Are you annoyed that he will never announce a planned visit to a large family in advance? Do you think you should talk about more money at work? Do you mind his political views? So, for God’s sake, don’t discuss these things in duvets tonight! See more at Escort Hannover.

The message that you are beginning to remind you of Rubens’ beauties, that you have regrowth on your head, or that the tomato for dinner was oversalted and the dumplings are boiled up.

Especially in the case of long-term cohabitation, it is ideal to agree that the bedroom is a territory of rest and mental and physical regeneration, which include reading a book as well as sex, but quarrels and planning where to send a child to high school simply does not belong here.

Doesn’t he love me anymore?

Evasive maneuvers to avoid sex are far from being the domain of women. According to the latest surveys, both sexes are more or less equal in this discipline, only the reasons why they do not want to do it are sometimes different.

In men (even at a young and middle age), work or sports overload can play a crucial role, but also health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, overweight or cardiovascular disease or mental health problems. There is also more talk about the so-called andropause, or male transition, when, among other things, there is a decrease in testosterone and thus a decrease in libido. Read more more at Escort Leipzig.

Before you suspect that your partner has another, or you start to get depressed that you are probably old, fat, ugly, and unattractive, try to introduce speech to how his soul or body is doing.

With a little dexterity and feminine tactics, you may be able to get him on a general check-up with a doctor (deliberately, when was the last time he was there?), Which can prevent serious health complications and possibly save you sex.

Life is not a soap opera

Although many of us would like it, the gray reality is far from the novels of the Red Library, Spanish soap operas, and the stories of Escort Bremen, where either love or passion or both win. And so boredom and routine creep into our lives - and unfortunately not only into lives, but also into beds.

You can come to terms with it and resign like thousands of other couples around you, who, on the outside, function like lubricated machines, but who already have in common a maximum bank account or debts. Touches, feelings, passion and maybe even sex as such disappeared from their lives because no one cared about them anymore. Or is it?

Don’t forget to look at your other half with romantic eyes from time to time. Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day, Marriage Day or your wedding anniversary, show interest and desire.

And try to do something a little crazy. Book a night secretly at the hotel. Book a tantra lesson. Buy an erotic toy. Send sensual electronic messages. In short, do not let boredom cover your love life into the webs of oblivion. It would be a shame, don’t you think?

Woman offers virginity at auction. He wants money for studies and a house for his mother

Twenty-three-year-old beauty Mahbuba Mammadzada from Escort Hamburg is one of the most successful models in her country, but she still does not earn as much money as she would currently need. So she decided to sell her innocence to the one who happened the most.

The young woman with the curly forehead was allegedly not led to this step by an ordinary desire for money, but by love for her mother and also the effort to move a little further in her professional and perhaps personal life.

“My mother did everything for me and now it’s my turn,” Mahbuba quoted the DailyMail as saying. “I want her to be proud of me.”

The young woman is said to want to buy a new house for her mother and plans to spend the remaining money on her studies abroad and traveling around the world.

From an advertisement she placed on the website of the Düsseldorf Escort agency offering sexual services to mobile and usually older clients, she promises at least 100 thousand euros (in terms of over 2.5 million crowns).

On the agency’s website, Mahbuba registered under the pseudonym Maria and stated that she also had a medical certificate proving that she was indeed still a virgin.

The man who bids the highest bidder will be able to have Mahbuba checked to see that he is still innocent, and then spend the night with her at a hotel in Essen Escort.

However, the financial amount that a young woman gets in the auction will not end up in her account alone - the model will have to leave twenty percent to the agency that mediates the whole matter.

The model, who has almost 40,000 followers on Instagram and currently resides in Frankfurt Escort, would like to work for the Milan agency Brave Model, but above all she wants to help her family in her native Azerbaijan.